Green Light

For too long, I stared at the red light above the crossing I was in. In that period of time, I gathered the broken pieces left from yesterday's storm. But as I picked up those tiny little pieces, I cried and bleed. Too many times, red turned green. But in the exact same spot where... Continue Reading →


… at 24

The 23rd year has been tough and challenging. The pain, frustration, and depression were at its prime when this day last year came. Thoughts and extreme emotions mounted. I was having a battle inside me that I think it caused my physical strength to deteriorate. Was treated twice in the hospital for two different reasons.... Continue Reading →

at 23 ..

While I was approaching my 20th year of existence, I committed myself to  someone whom I didn't expect at all. Later, this someone has become so dear and has inspired me in many many ways he's not even aware of up to this time. I saw his determination and discipline in his pursuit to achieve... Continue Reading →

on mending a broken soul ..

When there's so much pain inside that you can no longer contain, you tend to see things very differently. The blue sky which you used to be thankful for looks grey to you. Everything's just colourless. For some time, I was this. All the love I have inside me was turned into anger and hatred.... Continue Reading →

on leaving ..

“In the end that was the choice you made, and it doesn't matter how hard it was to make it. It matters that you did.”- Cassandra Clare  With a backpack and one quite large handbag, I wander around the streets of Makati hours before leaving the country. I was with two of my favorite gals , one... Continue Reading →

at 22 ..

Two years after graduation, I looked back and ruminated on the things I have achieved. I asked myself, what have I really done so far to give back. Right after graduation, I've had 4 consecutive jobs. My very first work was sitting in an office waiting, staring at the computer all day recording some kinds... Continue Reading →

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