Running Towards the Sunrise; Chasing Sunsets

Every sunset is a hope for a better tomorrow while every sunrise is a hope for a better present.

Sharing some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises I got here and there.

Captured in Koh Samed Island.

 For the love of the sunset, I borrowed a bike and went around. Found these awesome scenes along the way. Who would not want to see these after a day of dealing with the stress around the four corners of the office plus the trip to Jurassic Park within the four walls of a classroom?

There’s a stadium nearby the school where I would pass by when going to the beach. Got off the bike for while and stared. When I couldn’t see it anymore, I went on to continue staring at the awesome sunset along the beach.
Sometimes, there are no clouds around but it still amazes me.
yrnhLJanuary 06, 2015
Been watching the kids playing so freely on the shore. Not minding anything else but the waves touching their feet.
Other days, the clouds are around. It’s simply beautiful!
Taken while on a ferry going back to the mainland from Koh Samet. What a sight!

 I love sleeping and it’s really tempting to sleep until midday on weekends. However, the feeling I get when I see these are even more relaxing and refreshing. I get up as early as I could to watch how the sun exposes itself to the world. I don’t do this regularly though.

As the sun rises, the fisherman starts his day to earn a living.
Not sure if it’s the same boat from the photo above.
I regret that I was not able to get out on the first day of the year 2015 to shot the first sunrise but I am glad, I was able to get one from the boarding house, just outside my room.

My favorite of all…

The sun emerged from a sea of clouds. Slowly, the clouds vanished and showed one of the local villages in town.
What could be better than watching a panoramic view with a person close to your heart?

We may no longer be together but the fact that it’s my favorite sunrise does not change it at all. Whatever memories the photo brings will always be cherished. ❤


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