Green Light

For too long, I stared at the red light above the crossing I was in. In that period of time, I gathered the broken pieces left from yesterday's storm. But as I picked up those tiny little pieces, I cried and bleed. Too many times, red turned green. But in the exact same spot where... Continue Reading →


Barlig-Batad Traverse

From the bustling City of Pines to the small town of Bontoc, we took the first trip of jeepney to Barlig, passing through the rugged roads connecting these two municipalities. It was a busy day as the transpo we're in was full. Bags, sacks, and cartoons of grocery supplies and of live chickens were stacked... Continue Reading →

… at 24

The 23rd year has been tough and challenging. The pain, frustration, and depression were at its prime when this day last year came. Thoughts and extreme emotions mounted. I was having a battle inside me that I think it caused my physical strength to deteriorate. Was treated twice in the hospital for two different reasons.... Continue Reading →

October 2015: Krabi|Day 2

Our second night was pretty much relaxing. We learned we could get some hot water in the information house and we did. We ate our breakfast, self-prepared tuna sandwich and coffee, took a shower and went to the 'lobby' to wait for the driver to pick us up. Our second day activities were climbing Wat... Continue Reading →

October 2015: Krabi|Day 1

Weeks after we came back from Cambodia, we made up our minds to make it to the next level, climb the highest mountain in the Malay archipelago, Kota Kinabalu. As early as April,we started saving for our future expenses. Our hopes were so high we could make it until a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit the... Continue Reading →

Hopefully, the Last

"Heto na naman ako, tinitignan 'san nagkamali ang puso ko. Parang walang katapusan, walang katapusan ..." Some days, I have fully convinced myself that I was so over you. That I have finally moved on. That I am ready to start anew. Some nights, I am so frustrated that I realize how much of a... Continue Reading →

First Cycling Race

It was a month after my surgery when I was informed of a cycling activity to be held on the 8th of August in a province next to where I am working. I immediately said yes because I got so excited and relieved that finally, there's something to look forward to on the next month.... Continue Reading →

Unspoken Words From a Distance

July 12, 2015 (16:45) I was browsing old messages in Skype and I came across yours. I've seen some video messages you sent. After all these times, I thought, I've successfully set these feelings aside. I thought.. Upon seeing those videos, I couldn't help but remember the emotions I had during those times. There was... Continue Reading →

A Walk Down the Memory Lane

The light shines directly into my face. I heard people moving and walking pass by me. The hospital ward felt like a hallway but it seemed like an evacuation center due to the number of patients, including myself. I just regained consciousness after an hour of a surgical operation and another hour from the recovery... Continue Reading →

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