Hopefully, the Last

"Heto na naman ako, tinitignan 'san nagkamali ang puso ko. Parang walang katapusan, walang katapusan ..." Some days, I have fully convinced myself that I was so over you. That I have finally moved on. That I am ready to start anew. Some nights, I am so frustrated that I realize how much of a... Continue Reading →


First Cycling Race

It was a month after my surgery when I was informed of a cycling activity to be held on the 8th of August in a province next to where I am working. I immediately said yes because I got so excited and relieved that finally, there's something to look forward to on the next month.... Continue Reading →

A Walk Down the Memory Lane

The light shines directly into my face. I heard people moving and walking pass by me. The hospital ward felt like a hallway but it seemed like an evacuation center due to the number of patients, including myself. I just regained consciousness after an hour of a surgical operation and another hour from the recovery... Continue Reading →

at 23 ..

While I was approaching my 20th year of existence, I committed myself to ┬ásomeone whom I didn't expect at all. Later, this someone has become so dear and has inspired me in many many ways he's not even aware of up to this time. I saw his determination and discipline in his pursuit to achieve... Continue Reading →

Biking, Then and Now

Burnham Park, Baguio City. It was a luxury going to this place back when I was a child. we didn't have much during those times and going to town was not part of our daily schedule, not even on weekends. But I remember that it was in that place where I first learned how to... Continue Reading →

on mending a broken soul ..

When there's so much pain inside that you ┬ácan longer contain, you tend to see things very differently. The blue sky which you used to be thankful for looks grey to you. Everything's just colorless. For some time, I was this. All the love I have inside me was turned into anger and hatred. I... Continue Reading →

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