Barlig-Batad Traverse

From the bustling City of Pines to the small town of Bontoc, we took the first trip of jeepney to Barlig, passing through the rugged roads connecting these two municipalities. It was a busy day as the transpo we're in was full. Bags, sacks, and cartoons of grocery supplies and of live chickens were stacked... Continue Reading →


October 2015: Krabi|Day 2

Our second night was pretty much relaxing. We learned we could get some hot water in the information house and we did. We ate our breakfast, self-prepared tuna sandwich and coffee, took a shower and went to the 'lobby' to wait for the driver to pick us up. Our second day activities were climbing Wat... Continue Reading →

October 2015: Krabi|Day 1

Weeks after we came back from Cambodia, we made up our minds to make it to the next level, climb the highest mountain in the Malay archipelago, Kota Kinabalu. As early as April,we started saving for our future expenses. Our hopes were so high we could make it until a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit the... Continue Reading →

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